Euthanizing my pet at home

May 15, 2024by sacvalleyvet

What are the advantages of euthanizing my pet at home?

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What are the advantages of euthanizing my pet at home?

Having to put your pet down can be an incredibly emotional and stressful decision, from transporting an unwell animal to checking in through blurry eyes at the reception desk. Minimizing stress and maximizing comfort for you and your pet are paramount in such a delicate time, and saying good-bye in the comfort of your home can help with that.  Throughout our personal experiences as veterinary professionals and feedback from our clients, we hope you find some helpful information here that can guide you toward making the right decision for you and your pet when the time is right.

Make your pet’s comfort a priority

Occasionally we see the happy Golden Retriever that loves going to the vet, but let’s face it, that isn’t all that common. Most dogs and cats associate the smells and sounds of the veterinary hospital with discomfort and fear. Animals also experience cognitive changes as they age which can make just the transportation aspect to the veterinary hospital frightening. On your pet’s last day, a day that should be of utmost peace, putting your dog or cat to sleep at home allows them to be in their most comfortable surroundings, where they have been surrounded with love. This can be a favorite room in the house are special spot in the yard.

Minimize stress for you and your family

When it comes to our pet’s final day, it is easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. Just like your dog or cat, the comfort and safety that comes from your own home is unparalleled. Not only can more family members and supportive friends be present, but everyone can grieve privately. Not being in a public setting allows emotions to come and go as they need to without judgement, which is such an important part of closure and healing.  End-of-life care at home also alleviates having to make the drive home afterward in a potentially disheveled state.

Decrease movement in animals with mobility issues

Frequently at the end stages of life, mobility can be problematic for animals, especially our large breed dogs. Walking, standing or really any movement at all can be difficult due to pain or loss of muscle mass. Some large breeds may be too heavy to for their owners to lift, or to even assist into climbing into a vehicle. Not only is ambulation often difficult for these animals, but your pet may also be painful enough that they may become uncharacteristically aggressive when handled due to severe pain. Any of these situations can benefit from home euthanasia as your pet can stay right where they are.

Undivided attention for you and your family

No matter how much your veterinary hospital tries, the distractions in a clinic setting are just that, distractions. Not to mention the awkward check in and exit through a lobby full of curious clients. Choosing to say good-bye to your beloved pet in your home allows you the peaceful one-on-one time your pet and family needs. There are no barking dogs or howling cats in the background, no dishes clanking around in the breakroom, no phones ringing, and no other appointment on the other side of the wall that the veterinarian needs to get to.


When the time is right for you and your family to give your pet their final farewell, we feel this is one appointment that deserves to be handled with more dedication and dignity than the rest. In our experience, once owners have experienced putting a pet to sleep at home, they tend to rarely go back to a clinic setting for this procedure for other pets. While the procedure itself may roughly be the same, the biggest differences lie in stress reduction and peace, which may very well be worth it you and your family. We encourage that you do what is right for you/your family and your pet when the moment is right and we are here to support and guide you as much as possible.

Ashley Froschauer, RVT

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